I have participated to many EU-Funded Projects at Politecnico di Milano: since Esprit 1 (back in 1983), I had one or more ongoing active projects. I coordinated for PoliMi the projects W3I3: “Web-Based Intelligent Information Infrastructures” (1998-2000), WebSI: “Data Centric Web Services Integrator” (2002-2004), Cooper: “Cooperative Open Environment for Project Centered Learning°, (2005-2007), ProLearn “Network of Excellence in Professional Learning” (2005-2008), LarKC “Large Knowledge Collider” (2008-2011).

I was also the national coordinator of two PRIN projects: NGS (Next Generation Search, 2007-2009) and Ease (Entity-Aware Search Engines, 2010-2012).

In July 2008 I have been awarded my first Advanced Grant on “Search Computing (SeCo)”, funded by the European Research Council (ERC); the project was focused upon the rank-aware integration of search engines in order to support multi-domain queries. The grant gave 2.5ME funding over a period of five years (November 2008-October 2013)

In February 2013 I became national coordinator of the Prin Project GenData 2020 – focused on building query and data analysis systems for genomic data as produced by fast DNA sequencing technology. and “GenData 2020” (March 2013-2016);

In September 2016 I have been awarded my second Advanced Grant on “Data-Driven Genomic Computing (GeCo), funded by the European Research Council (ERC); the project is focused on developing systems for querying and integrating genomic datasets, thereby supporting biological and clinical research. The grant gave me 2.5ME funding over a period of five years (September 2016-August 2021). 

I coordinated an international project “Virusurf” ‘in the DATA against COVID-19’ program of EIT-Digital, Innovation Activity (June 2020-Dec. 2020).

I am local coordinator of the PRIN Project “Hope: High quality Open data Publishing and Enrichment” (Sept. 2019-Aug. 2023). I also received a CARIPLO Grant as coordinator of the data science research line, on “Addressing online scientific misinformation in high schools” (June 2022- Nov. 2024).

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